Apr 01 2014

A Forever Home Found!

lilguyOn March 21st this sweet little guy came to our doctors and staff at Atlantic East Animal Clinic through a good samaritan after being hit by a car on Mayport Rd. On presentation he was scanned for a microchip. None was located. We contacted local shelters and animal control in case his owners were looking for him.

He is a very quiet, sweet, 1 year old, intact male, mixed breed medium sized dog.

He had a broken left humerus (front leg) and other soft tissue trauma to his limbs and chest after being hit by a car. He is significantly underweight as well. Through testing we found he is heartworm positive and also has hook worms. He has been started on monthly heartgard, flea prevention, and is being treated for the hookworms.

Since the 21st of March our Atlantic East Animal Clinic team has made sure he is being treated for all of his wounds from being hit by a car. This little guy has even had orthopedic surgery with Dr. Green to fix his broken front leg. He is doing very well after surgery and is recovering like a champ!

We are pleased to report that we have found a home for this sweet boy! He will be leaving our care soon. We are very happy for him and his new owner. We will also miss him very much at Atlantic East Animal Clinic!
He is currently recovering from his surgery at the clinic and is getting appropriate nutrition, vaccines, deworming, pain medications, and antibiotics.


Thank you!!!!

Dr. Green and the Atlantic East Animal Clinic Staff

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